Road transport

Road transport


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Our trucking services include:


Cargo transportation with full and partial truck loading (LTL, FTL)


Selection of the optimal route and transport


Transportation of heavy, oversized and project cargo


Transportation of dangerous goods


Registration of customs documents


Regular receipt of information about the location and condition of the cargo

Price list


Implemented road transport projects

Advantages of trucking

The main advantages of cargo transportation by road:

Flexibility and accessibility

Road transport provides flexible options for delivering goods to various locations, even to remote or hard-to-reach areas. The road transport infrastructure is widespread, which makes road transport accessible to most destinations.

Fast delivery

Road transport usually provides fast delivery of goods, especially over short distances. The absence of dependence on the schedules of other modes of transport and the possibility of direct delivery make it possible to reduce the time of cargo delivery to the final destination.

Variety of types and sizes of cars

Cars of various types and sizes can be used to transport various types of cargo. Open trucks, vans, refrigerated trucks, tanks and other types of vehicles offer the opportunity to choose a suitable cargo space depending on the specifics of the cargo.

Door-to-door delivery

Trucking provides the possibility of door-to-door cargo delivery, which means that the cargo is picked up directly from the sender and delivered directly to the recipient. This minimizes the need for cargo reloading and provides a more direct and convenient delivery route.

Cargo tracking

Modern technologies allow you to track cars and cargo in real time. This provides better control and visibility over the movement of cargo, and also allows you to quickly respond to changes in delivery conditions.

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Stages of transportation

Receiving an application

Cargo delivery to the destination

Development of an optimal logistics route from the pick-up point to the destination

Tracking the location of cargo in transit

Calculation of the bid

Delivery of cargo to the recipient

Registration of necessary documents

Receiving closing documents

Trucking – wide opportunities and high geo-accessibility

Road freight transport is a solution offering the greatest flexibility and the ability to choose the place of delivery of goods. At Nur Zhol Company, we serve the needs of both individual and business customers and offer a wide range of services in international cargo and in key areas. Our company has an extensive network of branches and representative offices located in the CIS, Baltic States, China, Western and Central Europe, which guarantees our customers timely delivery and quality service.

International and domestic transportation of combined cargo - what is LTL?

Combined cargo services (LTL) are economically beneficial to customers who have a relatively small cargo. By sharing road transport with other shippers, you can save on shipping. The amount to be paid will be less than a whole truck of combined cargo. You only need to pay for the space you need in the vehicle.

International transportation - what is FTL service?

Transportation with a full load, also known as FTL (Full Truck Load), means the transportation of goods that occupy the entire space of the vehicle. Choose a Full Truck Loading (FTL) service for simultaneous international or domestic transportation of goods from 10 or more pallets.

Customs duties

In the case of goods transported by road across borders, the duty is calculated based on the contents of the shipment and the declared value. The consignee is obliged to pay customs duties for the release of the cargo lot by customs.

How do I find out the delivery time?

The delivery time depends on the chosen route and delivery service. Specialized delivery services have the shortest delivery times, since in road transport the cargo is delivered directly from the pick-up point to the delivery point. Logistics services of road transport also include stops and inspections at the warehouses of logistics service providers, which increases the delivery time. Whenever you order any cargo delivery services from us, the estimated delivery time will be indicated during the booking process until your order is completed. To shorten the delivery time, we recommend ordering delivery by van or full truck, as these are direct solutions. It is also worth remembering that in some rare cases the transit time may exceed the estimated time interval due to traffic, weather conditions and other unforeseen circumstances related to transport logistics.