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Railway transportation

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Our railway transportation services include:


Cargo transportation in universal and specialized wagons


Transportation of dry, bulk, tare-piece and liquid cargo


Transportation of oversized project cargo


Full control of cargo movement along all routes


Provision of wagons


Registration of customs documents

Price list


Implemented railway transportation projects

Advantages of railway transportation

The main advantages of cargo transportation by road:

High load capacity

Railway trains are capable of transporting large volumes of cargo. This is especially useful for heavy and bulky cargo that cannot be easily transported by other modes of transport.

Economic efficiency

Railway transportation usually offers lower fares compared to air transportation. They can be especially advantageous for long-term contracts or large shipments.

Safety and reliability

Railway transportation has high standards of safety and reliability. Cargo is well protected from damage and theft, as access to the wagons is controlled and they usually have a closed structure.

Environmental efficiency

Railway transportation is considered to be more environmentally friendly compared to road transportation and air transportation. They consume less fuel per ton of cargo and can significantly reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other harmful substances.

Flexibility of routes

Railway networks offer a wide range of routes covering most of the territory. This allows cargo to be delivered to remote and hard-to-reach areas where other modes of transport may be limited or unavailable.

Intermodal transport

Rail transportation is well combined with other modes of transport, such as road and sea transportation. This allows you to organize intermodal transportation, optimize delivery time and reduce transportation costs.

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Stages of transportation

Receiving an application

Cargo delivery to the destination

Development of an optimal logistics route from the pick-up point to the destination

Tracking the location of cargo in transit

Calculation of the bid

Delivery of cargo to the recipient

Registration of necessary documents

Receiving closing documents

Rail transportation is economical and powerful

Rail transport is currently the most cost-effective solution if you want to transport bulky, heavy loads and large shipments of goods over long distances. In Kazakhstan, as throughout the world, freight rail transport is usually used to transport raw materials such as coal, steel, liquids and dangerous goods. In addition, freight rail transportation is the safest type of logistics services. At Nur Zhol Company, we will help you arrange cargo delivery by rail or other modes of transport that are ideal for your needs. Being one of the leaders of the transportation market of the Republic of Kazakhstan, we will professionally organize and deliver your cargo to the destination in a timely manner.

Is it possible to transport dangerous goods by rail?

Trains are often used to transport hazardous materials, such as oil, industrial gases, sulfuric acid and others. The transportation of goods by rail is strictly regulated by international rules, according to which it is allowed to transport dangerous goods in a larger volume than when transporting by air or some types of land transport.

What is the maximum weight allowed for rail transport?

Usually a modern railway car has a load capacity of up to 70 tons. Considering that a train may consist of 50 or more wagons, the total load capacity may exceed 3,500 tons. Depending on the size of the cargo and the type of cargo, the specialist selects the right type of car.

How much does rail transportation cost?

The cost of the railway transport service depends on the details of the cargo (dimensions, weight and type), the place of departure and the point of delivery. Since train traffic is limited to freight rail corridors, this service is usually combined with road transport to provide a connection between the station and the destination address.

Is international rail freight transportation cheaper by road?

Rail transportation is currently one of the most popular requests for this type of transport, but they can be more expensive than automobile due to high processing costs. If the addresses are not directly connected to railway stations, it will also be necessary to organize multimodal transportation, combining rail and road transport to transport goods to and from the railway station. However, when transporting large shipments of goods or over long distances, the cost of rail transportation is usually lower than the rest, due to lower fuel consumption.

What are the main advantages of rail transport compared to road or sea transport?

Low prices and short terms of transportation of bulky goods over long distances are one of the key advantages of rail transport compared to road or sea transport. For example, rail transportation from China can be 50% faster than sea transportation. Nevertheless, air transportation remains the fastest transport service.

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