Oversized transportation

Oversized transportation

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Our oversized transportation services include:


Planning and coordination


Determination of the optimal route and selection of suitable vehicles and equipment


Obtaining the necessary permits and licenses for cargo transportation


Packing and loading with special equipment


Cargo transportation to the destination


Providing information on the location of your cargo at various stages of transportation in real time


Unloading and placement

Price list


Implemented oversized transportation projects

Advantages of oversized transportation

The main advantages of cargo transportation by road:

Delivery of large loads

Oversized transportation allows you to deliver goods that exceed standard dimensions or weight. These can be large machines, construction equipment, industrial components, ships and other bulky items that are impossible or difficult to transport using conventional means of transport.

Specialized vehicles

Oversized cargo requires specialized vehicles that have sufficient carrying capacity and strength to transport such goods. This includes heavy trucks, low-frame platforms, crawler transporters and other specialized vehicles that can provide safe and efficient transportation of oversized cargo.

Professional service

Oversized transportation requires a high level of professionalism and expertise on the part of logistics companies and carriers. They should have experience in organizing and performing such complex transportation, as well as know the legislation and requirements related to the transportation of oversized cargo.

Special permits and support

Transportation of oversized cargo usually requires obtaining special permits and licenses from government and regulatory authorities. This includes permits to travel on certain routes, temporary road closures to ensure safety, and escorts by special escort services or the police.

Global Delivery

Oversized transportation allows you to deliver goods all over the world. This is especially important for projects and companies working in the field of construction, energy, oil and gas industry and other sectors where large-sized equipment and materials may be required in remote and inaccessible places.

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Stages of transportation

Receiving an application

Cargo delivery to the destination

Development of an optimal logistics route from the pick-up point to the destination

Tracking the location of cargo in transit

Calculation of the bid

Delivery of cargo to the recipient

Registration of necessary documents

Receiving closing documents

Oversized transportation – delivery of goods of any complexity

One of the activities of the logistics company Nur Zhol Company is the transportation of oversized cargo. These include: transportation of heavy cargo, transportation of large cargo, transportation of equipment. The experience we have in this field and the professionalism we demonstrate in our work allow us to deliver goods on time and in perfect condition. The advantage of our team is a detailed and up-to-date knowledge of customs and forwarding documents required for road cargo transportation. Our specialists also issue special permits for the transportation of oversized cargo. Thanks to us, you will avoid unexpected interference and enjoy the prompt execution of the order.

What is oversized transport?

Oversized transportation is the transportation of goods whose dimensions (together with vehicles used for this purpose) exceed the statutory norms for oversized transportation, i.e.

— longer than 16.5 meters,

— wider than 2.5 meters,

— higher than 4 meters,

— heavier than 42 tons.

The rules governing oversized transportation apply when at least one of the above dimensions is exceeded. The vehicle or combination of vehicles is then assigned to one of seven categories that determine the behavior of personnel during transportation, including the number of pilots required to accompany the driver throughout the journey.

How is the oversized transportation organized?

We begin our cooperation with the client by accurately determining the specifics of oversized transport, technical and logistical requirements, assessing the risk associated with the transportation of goods, as well as determining the details of the route. Our specialists make a detailed transportation schedule and prepare a plan for loading and unloading the goods. In addition, they take care of cargo insurance against unforeseen damages.

At Nur Zhol Company, we attach great importance to the safe transportation of oversized cargo, which allows us to maintain high quality services regardless of the type of cargo and the length of the route. Oversized transportation is a popular request of industrial enterprises and construction companies. The whole process of organizing oversized transportation takes place in consultation with the client, whose individual needs and expectations are always put first. You can get more detailed information about the transportation of the cargo you need from our specialists.