Multimodal transportation

Multimodal transportation

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Our multimodal transportation services include:


Development of the optimal route and selection of efficient vehicles


Providing information on the location of your cargo at various stages of transportation in real time


Registration of customs documents


Cargo insurance

Price list


Implemented multimodal transportation projects

Advantages of multimodal transportation

The main advantages of cargo transportation by road:

Flexibility and route optimization

Multimodal transportation allows you to choose the best route using different types of transport for cargo delivery. This allows you to bypass restrictions or obstacles on certain sections of the way and choose the most efficient and fastest delivery options.

Cost reduction

Combining different modes of transport can help reduce overall transportation costs. For example, using sea or rail transport for long intercontinental transportation and motor transport for short-distance delivery may be more cost-effective than relying entirely on one mode of transport.

Increasing the speed of delivery

Multimodal transportation can significantly reduce the time of cargo delivery. The cargo journey begins immediately after loading on the first mode of transport, and not waiting for the container to be fully filled or for a separate flight. This allows you to deliver the cargo to the destination more quickly.

Greater geographical accessibility

Multimodal transportation allows you to deliver goods to remote and hard-to-reach areas where there are no certain types of transport. By combining different modes of transport, it is possible to ensure the delivery of cargo to almost any point, which is especially useful for cargo owners working in sparsely populated or remote regions.

Improved cargo safety and protection

Multimodal transportation provides an opportunity to use various security measures to protect the cargo at each stage of delivery. Each mode of transport has its own protocols and security systems, which increases protection and reduces the risk of loss or damage to cargo.

Tracking and coordination

Multimodal transportation uses modern tracking and coordination systems that allow you to control the movement of cargo at all stages of delivery. This helps cargo owners and logistics companies to be aware of the position of the cargo and respond to any problems that arise

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Stages of transportation

Receiving an application

Cargo delivery to the destination

Development of an optimal logistics route from the pick-up point to the destination

Tracking the location of cargo in transit

Calculation of the bid

Delivery of cargo to the recipient

Registration of necessary documents

Receiving closing documents

Multimodal cargo transportation is an effective solution

Multimodal transportation is a method of transporting goods over long distances, in which goods and material values are transported by several modes of transport. This approach is most popular among customers, as it makes it possible to simplify the customs procedure and expand the geography of delivery.

A feature of modal transportation is that one logistics company is the organizer of transportation and is responsible for the safety of goods under the contract, providing comprehensive services in the field of loading and unloading, cargo insurance, etc.

Advantages of modal transport

Using a modal mode of transport gives the client the following advantages:

1. Products are delivered from point A to point B in the shortest possible time. This is especially important if it is the delivery of perishable products (refrigerated transport).

2. Transport services are less expensive, since the customer pays only one transport company and does not waste time and money on choosing other companies and connecting them for transshipment.

3. During transportation, losses and an increase in delivery time are excluded due to the lack of transport at the place of transshipment. The organization of multimodal transportation implies a clear connection of all types of vehicles.

4. International transportation – the ability to deliver goods anywhere in the world. A multimodal approach to transportation allows you to deliver goods and material values to another continent or to very remote points where it is impossible to reach only by road.

5. Cargo safety. Since one company is responsible for the shipment, the possibility of loss and damage of goods and material values is excluded, which is important when transporting expensive goods. You don’t have to worry about security or look for the culprits for damage or loss of value.

Multimodal logistics involves the use of various transport connections. The most popular among them are the following:

— car and ship;

— automobile and railway;

— a car and a car.

Other combinations are also possible, including three and four steps to achieve maximum transportation efficiency and reduce transportation time.

To find the best way to deliver your cargo, contact our specialists and get a solution that is beneficial for you!