Container transportation

Container transportation

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Our container transportation services include:


Cargo transportation with full and partial container loading (LCL, FCL)


Selection of the optimal route and transport


Cargo transportation by sea, air, land transport


Transportation of dangerous goods


Regular receipt of information about the location and condition of the cargo


Cargo insurance


Registration of customs documents

Price list


Implemented container transportation projects

Advantages of container transportation

The main advantages of cargo transportation by road:

Cargo protection and safety

Containers provide cargo protection from damage, moisture, exposure to weather conditions and external factors. Cargo is packed in containers, which reduces the risk of loss or damage during transportation.

Standardization and versatility

Containers have standard sizes and characteristics, which facilitates their use and transportation on various modes of transport, including sea, rail and road transportation. This increases the flexibility and efficiency of logistics operations.

Convenience of loading and unloading

Containers allow efficient loading and unloading of goods, which reduces the time of operations and increases productivity. This is especially important when transporting large volumes of cargo or when working with bulky and heavy objects.


Container transportation allows you to organize multimodal transportation using a combination of different modes of transport. This allows you to choose the optimal routes and reduce the cost of cargo delivery.

Ease of tracking and management

Modern technologies allow you to track containers in real time, which provides better control over the cargo and improves the management of logistics processes.

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Stages of transportation

Receiving an application

Cargo delivery to the destination

Development of an optimal logistics route from the pick-up point to the destination

Tracking the location of cargo in transit

Calculation of the bid

Delivery of cargo to the recipient

Registration of necessary documents

Receiving closing documents

In the field of cargo transportation, speed, reliability and safety of cargo are important parameters. The answer to all these requirements is container transportation, a service that NurZhol Company successfully offers.

Container transportation is a method of transportation that involves the use of standardized cargo containers. This approach ensures the safety of cargo, accelerates the loading and unloading process, and guarantees the efficiency of cargo transportation.

Container cargo transportation has a number of significant advantages that make it preferable for many types of cargo:

1) Cargo safety: The goods in the container are protected from external influences and mechanical damage. This is especially important for the transportation of fragile or delicate goods.

2) Versatility: Containers can be used to transport a variety of types of cargo, ranging from bulk to temperature-sensitive. There are special containers equipped with systems for maintaining the desired temperature regime, or those designed for the transportation of dangerous goods.

3) Modularity and convenience of loading/unloading: Thanks to the standardized dimensions of containers, they are easily docked and stacked in a warehouse or on vehicles. This simplifies the loading and unloading process, reducing the costs of these operations.

4) Multimodality of transportation: Containers are easily transported by any type of transport (automobile, rail, sea, air), which allows using different types of transport in one delivery chain to optimize the route and reduce costs.

NurZhol Company is a logistics company specializing in the organization of cargo transportation in the CIS, the Middle East and Europe. Over the years, we have accumulated vast experience that allows us to provide the highest quality of services and meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

Transportation of goods in containers is not only a convenient, but also a safe way of transporting goods. The robust design of the containers protects the cargo from external influences, as well as from mechanical damage. All this makes container transportation the preferred solution for transporting a wide range of goods.

NurZhol Company offers its clients a full range of services related to container transportation. We help with the selection of the optimal route, are engaged in the registration of all necessary documents, and also offer loading and unloading services.

As logistics professionals, we know how important it is to meet deadlines. Therefore, at NurZhol Company we offer fast and efficient solutions for all your cargo transportation needs. Thanks to us, container transportation becomes simple and reliable, helping your business to reach new heights.