Welcome to our Team

If you want to participate in the creation of an effective, systematic and eco-friendly business, then we invite you to become part of our friendly and highly professional Team.

Nur Zhol Company provides ample opportunities for the disclosure of its own potential and the career growth of its employees.

We build open and transparent internal relationships, and highlight our Team as the main value, develop and maintain unity, mutual respect, mutual trust and mutual assistance in it.

In turn, we strive to maintain comfortable working conditions and the opportunity to take direct part in interesting and large-scale projects of our Company.

The willingness and ability of the Team to work effectively, develop, learn new things is the key to the success of our Company. Our Company pays serious attention to improving the professional and personal growth of our employees.

We welcome the appearance in our ranks of specialists whose energy and professional knowledge will contribute to the achievement of the Company's strategic goals. If you want to become a member of our Team of professionals and conscious personalities, you can fill out and send your resume.

What can we offer?

Transparent remuneration system

Highly professional staff mentors

Professional and career growth

Social programs and support

Internal clubs for self-realization

Bright corporate events

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